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Crew Management

We are offering extensive team control alternatives to the delivery market. Growing Shipping business has shown that human resources is the most important source of all. The success of an individual or company relies on the quality of their people.
Considering the above factor, we provide appropriate applicants to our fundamentals to meet their specifications. The choice of the team is done by us with the kind of boat, payment consider your experience of the applicants on similar kind of boat, etc. Our recruiting process is devoted to offering teams with highest possible skills and self-sustainable ability. Further more the entire liability of the applicant right from their choice to their positioning on panel and their following repatriation on completing trip of responsibility is performed by our fundamentals. Suitable applicant specifications are taken care of by the Principals themselves. Resourcing from an unique share of Authorities and Scores, our overall purpose is to provide balance and a continual of employees, providing significant advantages to the performance of a potential customer's navy. International Hawaiian is in a position to provide all type of team and officers with any other nationality.

Manning Operations

Global-Pacific greets officers and Crew members across all roles, to be a part of us thereby obtaining various allied advantages along with an excellent on panel package related the best in the market.

We are dedicated to the seafarer and creating activities which enhance the well being there-off. In an continuous effort to accomplish the same, Global-Pacific has ideal tie-ups with leading delivery companies, working various kinds of veins planets wide. These companies are being provided extensive man power alternatives by Global-Pacific.

As stated, we are devoted to creating a profession and not just a job. In this desire we have options for eye-catching off coast and coast based roles, apart from main navy boating tasks.

As a result of our continuous efforts we have progressed as an company that has accessibility a great majority of sea farers and as a impact we have been contacted by major Deliver Management Companies to source Historic Personnel for them. The provides made through our Principals being very eye-catching get us a regular source of boating fraternity thereby allowing us to serve our Principals more logically. Additionally we have accessibility sea farers, both officers and team, from other countries thereby making us a truly blend single window providing the mercantile market undulating.

For Immediate Placement On board Foreign Going and Native Indian Banner Vessels of our Prestigious Principals.

Maritime Career Consultancy

Merchant Fast provides a variety of methods as in opportunities. We as a company determine the quality of applicant and advice the path accordingly. This apart our company performs profession specific basic sessions such as soft skills development to ensure that the applicant concerned gets completely prepared to face the entry examination performed by the Instructors and Shipping Companies, respectively. We provide in house assistance that imparts sensible information on various programs being performed across maritime countries like U.K., Indian etc, (MBA, MSC, Freight Deliver Assessing, and Insurance etc).

Entry Level Sponsorship

Entry Stage Sponsorship for Cadets, TMEs, Scores, Retd. Naval Authorities. We are satisfied to notify that we are one of the very few companies to provide a complete solution, offering a extensive assistance to Access Stage Candidates for becoming a member of Merchant Fast. We provide a completely subsidized system wherein the applicant connects a pre-sea Program followed by a subsidized on panel cadetship with an eye-catching stipend. This system is also open to applicants who are willing to be a part of Merchant Fast as Student Underwater Technicians (Mechanical and Electrical Engineers).

Keeping the solidarity with the Native Indian Admiralty in existence, ours is a company having few commonalities and provide different opportunities to the Naval Authorities and Scores looking forward to project into Merchant Fast, post pension.

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Master / Chief Officer Chief Engineer / 2nd Engineer
Master / Chief Officer Chief Engineer / 2nd Engineer
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AB / Oiler / Motor man / Fitter / Pumpman/Cook with Relevant Experience
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